The vandal resistant SIP wallmount stations of series WS 300V CM and WS 311V CM with built-in high-performance colour video camera were developed and designed specifically for areas with high requirements on safety and system integration. The technology provides excellent audio quality and comprehensibility independent of background noise.
Each button of a series WS 300V CM station can be allocated to a call number and can be labelled individually. The red emergency call button of the WS 311V CM is easily visible from a considerable distance and can be pushed quickly in emergency situations.
The 3 mm thick stainless steel front panel with tamper protection and special screws offers protection against vandalism. The robust construction also provides full protection against water, dirt and dust and is IP66-rated.

The series WS 300V stations are equipped with a sensitive camera sensor that offers a superior dynamic range. Despite the flat front glass the camera still has a very wide viewing angle, both horizontally and vertically.

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