EE7000 Series


Durable communication solution
By focusing on the highest safety levels, simple operation and futureproof scalability, Commend’s Series EE 7000D industry stations are designed for communication in rough environments.
A wide product range means that Intercom stations are available for any application: three different keypads with a variety of features can be combined with or without built-in loudspeaker and/or handset. Additionally, there is the option to use an AC power supply (100–240 VAC) or a DC power supply (22–60 VDC or 18–30 AC). In total, there are 24 Series EE 7000D station versions to provide exactly what the user and the local regulations require.
Based on a rugged, corrosion-resistant and lightweight polycarbonate housing, the Series EE 7000D enables simple and rapid installation, eliminates expensive routine servicing and drastically reduces maintenance costs. Additionally, the IP66 certification and a wide permissible temperature range make the Intercom stations the perfect choice for a wide range of applications.

Thanks to the dust- and water-insensitive microphones and the 16 kHz eHD Voice audio quality, the Series EE 7000D comes with highest speech intelligibility. Even in very noisy environments, two powerful amplifiers for the optional built-in loudspeaker and a connectable PA loudspeaker ensure a crystal clear sound. Furthermore, the microphone and the IVC feature (Intelligent Volume Control) allow to adjust the volume automatically to the ambient noise – even during playback.

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