The solution for industry and clean rooms.

The OpenDuplex® capable stations of the series SIP-WS 800F have been developed and designed for areas with high requirements on safety.
The stations are connected directly to the Ethernet (LAN/WAN) and in this manner are connected to a compatible SIP server via the IP network.The built-in switch with downlink function allows direct connection of an additional IP device (e.g. an IP camera). Besides high volume, the stations provide numerous further features:
Pre-recorded audio can be applied in a multi-purpose manner, e.g. as acoustic indication at line fault or as waiting information at call initiation. The configurable background noise suppression provides crystal clear communication in challenging situations.

Furthermore, the stations are perfectly suited for use as door stations at entrances and gateways, due to integrated relay outputs. The robust construction provides full protection against water, dirt and dust – IP rating IP66. The special foil on the front panel has a dirtrepellent effect and can be cleaned quickly and easily using regular cleaning agents and disinfectants. Large foil-type buttons make operation with protective gloves easy

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