PLANET WL-LTNA Lightning Arrester is a gas discharge tube suppressor featuring wide-band operation up to 6GHz. The unit features a built-in N-male (plug) to N-female (jack) connector which is suitable for outdoor wireless AP.
The WL-LTNA is maintenance-free and features the best protection performance with both the highest surge current handling capability and the lowest insertion loss of only 0.2dB or less. In the event of high voltage, the lightning arrester immediately directed the high voltage surge current to the Earth, thereby limiting the voltage amplitude and protecting electrical insulation. When the over-voltage disappears, the system can be operated normally.
With the replaceable gas tube element, multi-strike capability and fast response time, the WL-LTNA is suitable for a wide range of applications. A ground lug and terminal are provided directly on the lightning protector housing which provides superior grounding.

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