Compact and powerful control station
The control station DUETTO delivers full Intercom power in a compact form to offer users the double benefit of advanced functions and great flexibility of use. It was designed to offer the user an ideal space-saving master Intercom station, either as a desktop device or wall-mounted terminal.
Combining the best of IoIP® and SIP technology, DUETTO incorporates support of building automation as well as integrated video communication and surveillance. All in all, DUETTO serves a wide range of application environments, from reception areas and porters’ offices to auto mated doors and gates and many more. Wherever video supported visitor management is needed or if available space is low but the requirements are uncompromisingly high, DUETTO is a perfect solution. Enhanced ultra HD Voice by Commend transfers the audio signal at a bandwidth up to 20 kHz, thus capturing the entire audible frequency range. As a result, voice communication and emergency calls are transmitted at a level of clarity literally unheard-of so far. This enables communication and sonication in true HD quality.

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