Everything under control
Like the harmonious interplay between orchestral instruments, the reliable, well-coordinated interplay of the components in a communication and security solution is absolutely vital. Using different hardware and software technologies requires central coordination and control – the essential star quality of all Commend control desk solutions. This allows you to keep even the most complex of Intercom infrastructures and integrated external systems under easy, fast and reliable control from a central point.

Comprehensive control desk solutions
Good conductors can get in tune with the audience, too. Thanks to its modular design, the CONDUCTOR can be fine-tuned in accordance with individual user requirements. As with all Commend systems, the CONDUCTOR’s technology and design have been carefully developed with the users and their environment in mind. Crystal clear 16 kHz eHD voice speech quality and an extra-high volume capacity are just as important to Commend’s comprehensive control desk concept as full mobile system access.

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